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What Does HCHH Need?

​​Skilled Workers - carpenters, roofers, and contractors who are willing to contribute their time and experience.

Other Workers - who want to learn a new skill, to work on the project hauling materials, handing out water and helping with odd jobs around the site.

Financial Contributions - meals, tools and building materials.

Home Sites - such as city lots or larger parcels of land.

Volunteer Opportunities

1. Join a Committee

​       - Building

       - Church Relations

       - Family Sponsor

​       - Family Selection

       - Fund Raising

​       - Public Relations

​       - Site Selection

​       - Volunteer

2. Make a Meal for the Volunteers

​Volunteers meet most Saturday mornings from 8:00am to noon to set about making a house a home. Lunch is provided to all volunteers, every Saturday. During lunch the volunteers take time to get to know each other better while scattered about the build site. This event takes place on average, 38 Saturdays during the course of the build. Group size averages 8 to 10 volunteers per Saturday. We encourage individuals, groups and churches to donate a lunch for these volunteers. Please contact Lisa Diener to discuss the Saturday of your choice and an approximate number of volunteers you can expect on your chosen Saturday. A typical meal includes a main dish, (casserole/sandwich), salad, chips and dessert. Plates, napkins and silverware are provided by HCHH. If a weekend is associated with a holiday, the crews do not work. 

3. Join the Carpenters Club

​Carpenters Club (CC) is made up of individuals, groups and business who contribute a previously selected donation amount after each build is completed.  HCHH's vision for the local CC is to reach 1000 members.

With assistance from Henry County communities we can ensure the continued building of decent, affordable homes for families in our county. Consider joining the CC or encouraging your organization to join as a group by contributing $100 (10 people at $10.00 each) per build.

Carpenters Club Benefits:

  1. Easy to read, consolidated donation statement at year's end 
  2. Knowledge that you are helping home ownership become a reality
  3. Invitations to groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies as well as home tours